How to Use Storytelling for Finding the Right People

With an ever-increasing number of platforms and channels for companies to showcase and demonstrate their achievements, the need for a clear and concise storytelling strategy is absolutely crucial if you want your audience to stick around.

“People don’t have 30 seconds to be interrupted, but they always have 30 minutes to hear a great story.” - Jon Thomas, Communications Director, Story Worldwide.

What’s your story?

Storytelling as a concept is wide and very much open for interpretation. While this will challenge any communications and marketing officer on creativity, it also presents an enormous challenge, as any story told needs to fit into a corporate set of rules and guidelines, and most importantly, the story needs to serve a purpose. Anyone can brag about results and achievements, but what’s the point if your target audience is not interested?

While I’m certain that most corporate communicators have bought into the idea of storytelling, one question remains: are you telling your stories at eye level? If you ask the CEO of your company to tell a story about his business, you will most likely

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