Is a Mobile-First Marketing Strategy Worth the Investment?

The amount of time people spend on a mobile device is growing 14 times faster than desktop usage, forcing brands to reimagine the relationship with their customers. Here’s why mobile-first marketing strategy is gaining global traction and how to overcome the associated challenges.

Our smartphones are our constant companions. People check their phones from the moment they wake up, to the second they go to bed; using them on the go, for shopping, entertainment, keeping up to date on work, following the news, the brands they love, and all the latest trends.

This intimacy with our phones has changed the way we interact with brands forever, and organisations need to understand how to take on the challenge of mobile or risk being left behind.

We’re living in what’s been termed the “swipe generation”, which means that brands need to identify the most effective digital practices for engaging users, driving app downloads, and increasing conversion rates. “Doing mobile” no longer means just optimising your website to be accessible on a smaller screen, it means fundamentally changing the underlying programmes to react to touch, movement, even eye motion, and more. It also means

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