Why Innovative Content Marketing Is About to Explode in Denmark

I’ve just returned from an 8-day trip to Europe, the last few days of which I spent in Denmark, where I spoke at the country’s first-ever content marketing conference. I felt warmly welcomed there—in part because I spent time with some truly warm and wonderful people. (That’s always the key to a great trip, isn’t it?) But I also felt welcomed for business reasons: The business culture seems so ideally suited to embracing content as a cornerstone of marketing, and I came away from both the event and the country feeling like there was a kind of perfect content marketing storm brewing there.

Why should you care, if you aren’t Danish or don’t do business there?

Because there’s a lot that modern marketers can learn from the Danish mindset. Sometime very soon, I think, this small Northern European country of 5.5 million will be creating and leading some truly innovative content marketing programs.

Content marketing is, of course, about creating and sharing information that is designed to attract people to your business. Here’s my working definition that I gave in Denmark (and earlier in the trip, in Istanbul):


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