Are You Easy or Sleazy in the Digital World of Business?

During a recent conversation with colleagues, the topic of digital ethics came up. One person noted that getting ethics right in the digital era can mean the difference between being viewed as “easy or sleazy” to do business with. In other words, are you using customer information in a way that helps better meet customer needs or are you being intrusive?

Navigating ethics in the digital world

Avanade recently conducted research to better understand the impact of digital ethics in the coming years. We asked 500 executives how ready they were to address some of the ethical issues that loom on the horizon of the digital world. More than 90 percent believe companies will need to establish and adhere to digital ethics guidelines to be successful.

However, 78 percent say their organization has not given enough thought to the workplace ethical dilemmas created by developments such as smart technologies like intelligent automation and digital assistants. Yet those technologies are already here and growing rapidly.

In fact, the enterprises that succeed over the next decade will be those that can most effectively connect these smart technologies, people and insights

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