Don’t let technology undermine customer experience

The concept of customer experience is on everyone’s lips these days, being renewed and redefined constantly. Much is driven by marketing’s newfound love of data & technology - but where does it leave the brand? Now, more than ever, it is vital to keep your eye on the ball and put your brand first.

Customer experience is inarguably a current hot topic in business, and the most recent darling among marketers. Yet the concept of customer experience takes many shapes and forms depending on the eye of the beholder. Everything from small scale initiatives, such as marketing-automation, social media interaction, and personalisation on websites, to larger, more strategic initiatives, such as service design, are called out as “customer experience”. Yet the practical application of the concept often stands unanswered.  

Welcome to the tech-utopia for marketers

Much of the perplexity surrounding customer experience can be explained by the radical and speedy transformation of the technological landscape and hence the flocking of technologists to the marketing space. Their “customer experience pitch” has typically tackled how the customer-company relationship could be digitalised, personalised, automated, scaled, and streamlined. The tech-utopia for marketers.

However, speaking in ones and

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