The evolving marketing department

Marketing is an ever-changing field. Never more so than right now. Not only is marketing changing at a faster pace than ever before, but now, the way the marketing departments themselves are structured is changing. Depending on the CMO, that can be either a real benefit or a challenge.

The future marketing department may not be a department in the traditional sense. No weekly group meetings, no regular briefing of the creative agency and a marketing department that is significantly smaller than it was just a few years ago.

That, however, doesn’t mean that marketing is getting any less important. Marketing is simply evolving – and is no longer confined by the office.

We are already seeing it in Silicon Valley. Start-ups are increasingly hiring people from across the globe – inviting them to work from home – instead of asking them to work in the office. And it makes perfect sense. Several studies have already shown that productivity increase 30-40% when working from home. It also makes for a more flexible work/life balance and empowers the employees to take more responsibility of their work. They are now being measured solely on

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