Why Groaning is Good for Your Digital Project Results

It happened again. This week a CEO called me and said the sentence I have heard so many times before: “I have invested heavily in our digital development project, but our digital project is stuck!” Your kickoff was full of energy, but now ….. it seems like an endless bunch of meetings without any actual outcomes. Your CEO, board and project team members experience frustration, impatience, and question the process. Your digital development project is in the groan zone. The good news is the groan zone is important to achieve sustainable results. It calls for leadership.

For many marketers it is a wonderful day, when the board and senior executive team finally allocate an investment budget to new web or software development projects. You invite the CEO to your project kickoff meeting to tell about the vision and importance of your digital development project. Everyone seems excited that finally we are going to be part of the digital age. Weeks down the road it seems like your project is stalled. Why?

After a period of making the differences and diverse perspectives visible in the digital project team most teams enter

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