Internal Nudging: Leverage the full potential of your people and organisation

In a global world of massive complexity, constant changes, and increased diversity in our workplace, workforce and marketplace, the winning organisations are those who enable their people to change behaviour and be inclusive of diversity of perspectives - in an easy way. Most leaders support this. Yet, why don’t the right intentions and efforts lead to greater results? The author Tinna C. Nielsen argues that a rational understanding of the importance of this is far from enough. We need to “outsmart” our brain. The author has pioneered an innovative approach called INCLUSION NUDGES to succeed with this challenge.

The unrealistic scenario

Imagine your organisation have been working on developing a product over several years, maybe even a decade. A lot of resources have been invested in this, a lot of effort and a lot of energy. You are now ready to really leverage the potential of this product. This is a product that has the potential of really making a difference for your organisation, in terms of revenue, innovative image, competition, as well as future-proofing your organisation. You don’t position the product. You don’t use marketing resources on

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