Why Social Media is a waste of time in B2B marketing

Social media always seems to create a lot of buzz, what’s trending, what’s not; everyone seems to be involved. But, if you are in B2B marketing, is there actually a positive ROI to be found from using social media? We often hear success stories – but how many of these are actually from the B2B side? Take a moment to consider this. My guess is that you will come up with… Zero! But, is that really so surprising? B2B marketers should not forget that they are not interacting for social reasons, but in the hope of securing new leads, and ultimately sales.

If a business is looking to enlist your services, are they really going to be seeking you out on Twitter or Facebook? The truth is that while many businesses use social media because it has grown a reputation as the thing to do; very few actually notice any positive effect on their ROI as a result. Almost all of the business leads that are made from social media are in the B2C realm, as individual consumers are more likely to interact with a brand via social

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