Think like a publisher

- I think we are seeing a revolution in marketing, where marketing departments are starting to look like publishing organizations. There is really only one difference between a publisher and traditional business and that is how the money comes in, says the content marketing evangelist Joe Pulizzi in this interview with MarketMagazine

It is the maybe-last-day-of-summer in Denmark and I’m waiting in a café for the digital clock on the laptop to turn 11:00 am. That’s when it is time to connect to Joe Pulizzi in Cleveland on Skype.
Joe Pulizzi is the man to talk to when it comes to “content marketing”. He is the founder of The Content Marketing Institute, based in Ohio, and some people even called Joe Pulizzi for a “content marketing evangelist” - what ever that means…
One thing I already know about Joe Pulizzi is, that he likes the color orange. In an interview on the Web, he explains why:
- Well, orange is our company color, so that’s where it started. When I first began speaking in public, I wore orange for the first four or five speeches. Then at one event I decided to

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