12 Mobile UX Design Trends For 2018

Things move quickly in the mobile app universe. To succeed in the field of UX design, designers must have the foresight and prepare for new challenges around the corner. To simplify the task, I’ve listed the biggest, impactful trends for 2018 and, most likely, beyond.

1. User Journey Simplification

When we interact with apps or websites, we have a particular goal. And usually, the less effort we spend on achieving this goal, the better experience.

Linear User Flow

A linear design experience is UX with a specific beginning, middle, and end that allows users to complete one action with each step. Linear user flow is good for users because it allows to estimate how much time it’s required to complete a task.

The process of ordering a cab in Uber is a example of linear user.

Progressive Disclosure

When your app has a lot of information or actions, there’s no need to show everything-all-at-once. Designers will use technique callled progressive disclorure — make an information or action visible only when users need it. Progressive discloure has an opportunity to reduce cognitive load

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