Infographic: Creating an inbound website for 2014

Websites are no longer just about expressing your message. They need to be designed to draw in visitors. And how do you do that? By first creating awesome, sharable content, and then getting people to share them. Here, having a contemporary, smartly designed website is not merely an advantage, it is mandatory. What’s more, with the rules of the game changing by the minute, what worked in 2013 will not be as successful in 2014.

Check out the infographic on what you need to do to ensure your website reels in visitors this year. And before that, here is a gist of what will work in 2014:

  • Create buyer personas and decide on a coherent content strategy: free “snackable” content vs premium content, to cater to each buyer persona
  • Have an inbound marketing strategy: SEO, PPC, Blogs, Social Media, Webinar Invitations
  • Decide on the layout and content of the landing pages, as well as the number of CTAs
  • Decide on information to be collected when site visitors click on the CTA
  • Have a Lead Nurturing Campaign when prospects click on the CTA
  • Analyze to ensure that the website stays relevant over

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