What marketers are getting wrong about apps

Mobile users spend 86% of their time in apps, not browsers, according to Nielsen. Marketers have wisely jumped on the bandwagon. A total of 47% of marketers have already developed an app, and 65% are investing in them now.
The problem is most marketers are going about apps all wrong. Here's why.

Apps Aren't About Content

According to a study conducted by Forbes and Adobe, 60% of the marketers who saw an increase in app downloads attributed it to "exclusive content." In other words, these marketers are offering digital content that can't be found online through their apps.

As encouraging as hearing about companies increasing app downloads is, the approach to apps is based on a fundamental flaw. Exclusive content to users might be a good way to entice them to download a content app, but content apps aren't what consumers are looking for.

Yes, I'm aware of the success of Flipboard, with its user base of at least 56 million people (and growing at a rate of millions per week). But here's the thing: Flipboard isn't like a traditional magazine or blog. It's a magazine that you can curate yourself and

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