How to nudge people towards workplace happiness

You are probably familiar with the term “Nudging”; it has been thrown around a lot in relation to health initiatives and government legislation. In this article Thomas Christensen from The Nudging Company will not describe what nudging is but instead discuss just how useful nudging is when it comes to workplace happiness.

Have you ever wondered why you have to walk all the way to the back end of the supermarket to get milk? Or why there are mountains of candy close to the checkout, where you always have to stand in line and wait? It is a carefully planned ploy to ensure you walk through the entire store to get to your everyday groceries, thus increasing your exposure to other items, which makes you more likely to buy something more than milk. Similarly, candy is placed where it is most likely that you will stand around bored for the slow eternity that is queuing in the supermarket. This increases the chance of you given in to your urges and purchase some candy.

Nudging is about choice management

The main thing to be aware off with nudging is

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