How nudging fits into marketing as a discipline

Part 3 of 5: How nudging fits into marketing as a discipline

Pelle Guldborg Hansen, a behavioral researcher and the Chief Executive at iNudgeyou, shares his knowlegde and experiences on nudging in marketing.

Learn about:

  • How nudging is used succesfully by marketing
  • Examplers on the use of nudging in Supermarkets
  • How nudging is effective advertising
  • What 'superficial nudging' is

''Nudging fits in marketing as an extension of traditionel marketing principles and strategies. The special thing about nudging is that it relays on a set of knowlegde, so nudging has its originates within behavior economics, which is the study of how people diviate from what they ought to do from a rationel perspective. So nudging is deeply rooted in the science part of marketing''  - Pelle Guldborg Hansen

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