How to see the potential in nudging

Part 5 of 5: What kind of businesses use nudging?

Pelle Guldborg Hansen, a behavioral researcher and the Chief Executive at iNudgeyou, shares his knowlegde and experiences on nudging in marketing.

Learn about:

  • Businesses that already use nudging
  • Businesses where there is a huge potential of using nudging
  • The next marketing revolution according to Pelle Guldborg
  • How to use cognitive mapping
  • How to use suggested sales
  • How to use substitution sales
  • How to increase sale with the use of nudging
  • When does nusging actually change behavior
  • The use of digital nudging on websites
  • The use of visible and invisible nudging
  • How to use nudging in the sustainable business
  • How to use nudging to get people to engage in a prolonged effort
  • How to use nudging to invest consumers in the product and make them return

''A lot of businesses already know how to use nudging to the extend that they can use it. The huge potential is the areas with companies, that have difficulties getting consumers to take up the product, because the product ought to work but consumers find it difficult to use - so that's where the huge potential is. There's a

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